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About Portable X-Ray Services

Mobile Radiographic Service
Portable X-Ray Services already covers the majority of rest-homes, hospitals and retirement villages in the Auckland area. We are also available for visits to private homes.

Our Service
Our radiographic equipment is fully portable, allowing us to x-ray almost anywhere – stairs are usually not a problem. The service is customised to meet the needs of the patient and physician, which means that the patient may be x-rayed on their bed, or even sitting in a chair.


To date we have eight DR capable vans, with 2 additional vans providing extra support when required.


We aim to provide same-day service. If the x-ray is urgent you can be assured of a prompt response. The digital image will be sent to a radiology practise for reporting.


Our Clients
Our patients are often too ill, frail or to anxious to be transported to a radiographic facility. Bringing the service to the comfort and familiarity of their own surroundings allows them peace of mind, and prevention of further injury or aggravation through transportation.

We Are

  • Available after hours for urgent examinations
  • Specialists in x-raying bedridden and / or frail patients
  • Available for home visits
  • Flexible to your needs
  • Fully portable
  • Efficient
  • A no-hassles service
  • Professional
  • Proud of our high-quality images
  • If for any reason we are unable to produce images of a diagnostic quality, then there will be no charge to the patient.

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A short history of Portable X-Ray Services

Portable X-Ray Services has been serving the Auckland market since 1969, and has developed its technology and processes over the years to provide faster and more accurate diagnostic x-rays.


Portable X-Ray Services commenced in 1969, to fulfil a need for the small private surgical hospitals. This then developed into a service for the growing geriatric rest home / hospital market and private homes.


The service was provided through using a small van with manual developing tanks and a relatively large portable x-ray machine.


A few years later the practice expanded to 2 vehicles, to cater for a growing market.


In the year 2000 the practice moved towards automated processing, and installed bench top film processors and portable generators into the vehicles.


In 2005 the practice experienced further expansion with an additional vehicle to cater for the demand for our exceptional service.


Early in 2008 we commissioned our first Mobile Computed Radiography (CR) Van, eliminating the need for darkrooms and chemicals, and we changed to the existing silver and black colour scheme.


June 2009, our second van was fitted out with CR, followed by a third van in Feb 2010 , which replaced one of the Film Processing Vans.


Dec 2011 saw the final film processing van decommissioned.


Dec 2015 we commissioned our first Digital Radiography (DR) Van, utilising Wireless (DR) Panel – this technology enables our images to be viewed less than 10 seconds after taking them. Less power consumption meant no noisy generators as Invertors were now utilised.


Nov 2016 the second new DR van was commissioned, followed by a third DR van in Nov 2017.


Oct 2019 2 of the CR vans were converted to DR.


To date we have upgraded all 5 DR vans to the highest level.


Between the 6 Vans, we have travelled over 1 millions kilometres! – (as of late 2020).


Our service is now contracted by the area health boards to provide services for their satellite units, i.e. Spinal Unit, Rehab and smaller Geriatric Hospitals. We also provide services for the correctional facilities.

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